On Board Life Support System

Island Airlines Operates Three State Of The Art Aircraft, Fully Equipped With A Full Stretcher, Comprehensive Crash Cart, Zoll Defibrillator, Complete Ventilatory Capabilities, An Extensive Pharmaceutical Inventory And Satellite Phone Capability.

Spectrum 2800 Series

Spectrum 2800 series equipped stretcher has set an industry standard for a unit with three and a half hours of onboard oxygen, suction pump, electric power and monitoring built in.

air ambulance

Stretcher access to the Spectrum 2800
Life Support System in our Piper Navajo.

• Dual Supply Outlets: Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum
• IV Mounts (4)
• Specifically designed for patient comfort with 4 expandable armrests and a pneumatically assisted, fully adjustable backrest.
• Patient monitoring devices and medical equipment can be secured to module using different models of equipment tables, bridges, and IV poles.
• Overhead supply panel is movable along the length of the patient or fully removable. The overhead features an exam light and second set of pneumatic outlets, keeping aisles free from clutter and equipment.
• Modular systems can be configured to secure a stretcher for adult patients or an infant transport deck for securing an incubator and cylinder housing for neonatal patients.

Please call us at 340 244-5454 to talk to a flight coordinator 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Or, fill out an online Air Ambulance Quote Request Form and we will contact you at your convenience.